Edward Crawford, the man featured in an iconic photo taken during the Ferguson protests, has been found dead in his car. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports his cause of death is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Two women told authorities that they were in the car with Crawford last night. He was talking about feeling depressed and started searching for something. That’s when he grabbed the gun and shot himself in front of them.

Crawford’s father, Edward Crawford Sr., believes that the shooting was accidental.

“He was wonderful, great, always in a good mood,” he said. “He just got a new apartment and was training for a new job.”

Crawford is most known for being the centerpiece of a photo that perfectly captured the environment during the Ferguson protests following the death of Mike Brown. While police officers were firing off gan canisters in all directions, Crawford picked one up and threw it back. He later told the press he was throwing it away from children in the area.

The image of Crawford with his flowing dread locs and American flag t-shirt while he throws back a gas canister pouring out sparks will go down in history.

Crawford, 27, leaves behind four children his father says he loved very much.