A 75-year-old Virginia woman said she was tied up with a zip tie while State Police invaded her home.

Ruth Hunter said officers told her what they were looking for during the April 10 raid, and she told them she had nothing to do with the investigation. 

From WTVR:

Virginia State Police said a drug investigation is what prompted a Henrico County magistrate to issue a warrant for an apartment in the 5600 block of Crenshaw road. The woman claims that officers ultimately arrested a man who lives two doors down from her.

“I thought someone was breaking in to rob or kill me,” Hunter said. Seconds after her front door flies open Hunter said she heard a voice yell “Police!”

“…Took my hands with a tie-thing and said ‘You’re under arrest’ and started asking questions,” she recalled. “The more I told them I didn’t know these people, the more he continued.”

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Hunter has lived at the complex in Henrico for about six years. She says she kept to herself the whole time, and only speaks when spoken to by others. She says that despite telling the officers that she was innocent, they continued to question her about her involvement and those of family in the drug trade.

Hunter said police left her tied up, while they went two doors down and arrested someone else. “I’m very irritated and angry, he never said I’m sorry, never apologized for having the wrong house…he said you got to get someone to fix that door.” Hunter told WTVR.

Is Ruth owed an apology by the police department?

Should she receive compensation for pain and suffering?

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