A Washington state principal has been placed on leave as the district reviews a complaint that she used the N-word.

Poulsbo Elementary School principal Claudia Alves used the N-word to explain the word’s meaning

From The Kitsap Sun:

Superintendent Patty Page sent a letter home to Poulsbo Elementary parents telling them that Principal Claudia Alves was on “leave of absence while we investigate a situation that occurred recently.” The district is looking for an acting principal.

Page confirmed in an email that the “situation” she referenced was one in which Alves reportedly used the actual N-word in explaining the difference between it and “Negro,” and then repeated the word’s use after discussing the word with the district.

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Shawna Smith, who’s son attends the school, said students in his class were uncomfortable with the word “negro” in a play they were rehearsing about Martin Luther King.

Smith said the students’ teacher tried to explain by giving them the historical context of the word, and the difference between “n***er” and “negro.” Alves was in the room and the teacher asked for help.

Many of the children were still uncomfortable with using the word. Smith’s son and other classmates refused to be in the play. Smith complained to district officials after her son came home upset. Alves was placed on leave pending an internal investigation.

Does the fact that Alves used the term for educational purposes excuse her behavior?

Is it ever acceptable for a teacher/principal school official to use the n-word?

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