Xadrian McCraven

Despite being approved by the Illinois prison director’s chief of staff for the position, a former gang member has been fired from a six-figure position with the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Xadrian McCravan was hired on June 28, 2013.  The previous day, IDOC Chief of Operations Joseph Yurkovich checked a box on a review form deeming McCraven ineligible for the job. 

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

McCraven, 44, was fired earlier this month from the $111,432-a-year post after the Chicago Sun-Times revealed his rocky employment history and lengthy criminal past.

The issue has mushroomed beyond McCraven, with several Republican lawmakers pushing Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn to explain whether politics influenced decisions regarding McCraven’s employment. Quinn aides have denied ever showing McCraven any favoritism, saying they moved swiftly to fire him in the wake of the Sun-Times reports.

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McCraven made $1,700 in campaign contributions to elected officials including former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and other lawmakers.

IDOC Operations Chief Joseph Yurkovich said McCraven was ineligible for the job because his nephew was on parole for aggravated battery during the time McCraven was being vetted.

McCraven’s gang activity stems back to the 1980s. He admitted to being a member of the Young Latinos Organization Disciples.

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