In wake of the latest hazing incident that resulted in the November 2011 death of drum major, Robert Champion, Florida A&M University’s famed Marching 100 band has been suspended for another year.

Last week, the former director of the band, Dr. Julian Wright, resigned.

From the Huffington Post:

“At a school where people attend football games just for the Marching 100 halftime show, where students enroll just for a shot at playing on the field, such a move is like saying the Alabama Crimson Tide won’t play football for a year. The full impact on enrollment and the school community can’t immediately be measured, but students and alumni said it’s a move they support to make sure hazing is rooted out.

“What do we do in that one-year process to make sure these things do not happen again?” asked 25-year-old Travis Roberts, who has played clarinet in the band for four years. “We lack consistency at times, and this is something that needs to change. … No one has taken accountability for what has happened. This thing didn’t start only five years ago. This thing has happened the past 50 years.”

FAMU President James Ammons said Monday that the band, which has performed at Super Bowls and in inauguration parades, should not take the field again until a new band director is hired and new band rules are adopted. Among the rules being considered: Academic standards for band members, more chaperones on out-of-town trips and limits on how long a student can remain in the band.”


Was justice served?

Is the suspension long enough?

Will this help eliminate hazing altogether?

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