This Sunday, Dorian Joyner Jr. – and his Dad, Dorian Joyner Sr. – will both graduate from Morehouse College.

The father and son spent three years on campus together. Dorian Sr. attended the school in the mid-80’s, but dropped out to pursue his career.

While it was initially a shock, Dorian Jr. came to enjoy having his father around on campus.

From the Huffington Post:

We used to have a support system. Sometimes he would come to my room to ask about a problem or a class or a professor to take,” the younger Joyner told WXIA-TV.

In fact, the younger Joyner, an English major, said being on campus with his father, a religion major who plans to attend law school, was actually “natural.”

We rarely see each other, because we have class and we have our own lifestyles. He have a job; I have a job; he have a social life, and I have a social life,” he said in a Morehouse video. “But when we on campus, we see each other as students and also as father and son.”

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A great story. Remember; it is never to late to go back to school.

Congrats to both Joyners!

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