“Black Identity Extremist” is the new “The Black Panthers are the biggest threat to peace and security in America,” according to a FBI report attained by Foreign Policy warning that police attacks on Black people could result in violence against police officers. The report was released on August 3rd, only a week and a few days before the white supremacist march in Charlottesville.

The FBI’s counterterrorism department report lists six total instances that could be interpreted as retaliatory violence against the police, including Micah Johnson’s attack in Dallas, Texas at a Black Lives Matter rally in 2016.

However, not all of the intelligence community is standing behind this new assertion, as an anonymous former intelligence official has gone on record calling the report “a new umbrella designation that has no basis […] There are civil rights and privacy violations all over this.”

This reportĀ recalls the long history of government surveillance during the 1960’s which left James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Lorraine Hansberry Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and many others as persons whom the FBI saw as unique threats to the United States because of their positions within the Black movements of the day.

Additionally, earlier this week, a judge threw out a case in which a police officer tried to sue Black Lives Matter, alleging that the movement was responsible for the damages to his person that occurred when a rock was thrown at him.

The suit inexplicably named Deray McKesson as a defendant, though he is not a founder of Black Lives Matter, yet has had his Twitter account monitored by the FBI. Judge Brian Jackson ruled that Black Lives Matter, much like the Tea Party and the Civil Rights Movement, are social movements and as such cannot be sued in a 24 page ruling.