Last week at a rally in Dimondale, Michigan (a city that is 1.1% African American) Donald Trump made a pitch to African American voters. Painting the African American community with an incredibly broad brushstroke, Trump emphasized that black folks had little to lose from a Trump presidency because we have so little in the first place.

“You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed, what the hell do you have to lose?”

The deep seated disdain for African Americans and complete misunderstanding of the black freedom struggle is so evident in this demeaning pitch to black voters. Trump presumes that black people are committed to the Democratic Party because they have not weighed their other options. While Trump is right that Democratic rule has not always been beneficial for black Americans, black folks are not buying what he or the Republican Party is selling.

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As it turns out, black people have quite a bit to lose from a Trump presidency and Republican rule. Here are just a few I things I could think of, as a black American woman.

1. Black folks would lose respect and dignity with a Trump Presidency.

Donald Trump’s rallies are a clear example of the hate and disrespect coursing through his crowds. His supporters regularly call President Obama the “n-word,” describe the Black Lives Matter movement as terrorism, and have even physically assaulted black protestors. Trump has created a safe space for bigotry and hatred inside the Republican Party and there is no doubt in my mind that this kind of rhetoric would continue to flourish should he be elected president.

2. Black women could lose their right to choose.

Donald Trump has changed his tune on abortion after years of being pro-choice. He claims he no longer supports abortion and in April claimed that he would make three exceptions: in case of rape, incest, or threat to a mother’s life. Trump also has said, however, that there should be “some form of punishment” for women who would seek abortions illegally. Trump’s flip-flopping on this issue basically suggests he does not truly care; rather, he is trying to say what he thinks people want to hear. With Republicans in his ear, however, a woman’s right to choose would certainly be under attack during a Trump presidency.

3. Black Latinx and Latinx people will be profiled, harassed, and deported in Trump’s America.

A cornerstone of Trump’s candidacy has been to “build a wall” to prevent immigration from Mexico and a plan to (now potentially) deport the 11 million undocumented people who currently reside in the United States. The blatant racism and citizenship tests that would accompany such a plan, not to mention the billions of dollars that it would cost taxpayers to build a wall, or the potential war that would be caused if Trump makes good on trying to force Mexico to pay for it, would no doubt tear the United States apart.

4. Black Muslims will also be profiled, harassed, and barred from entering the country.

Dignity and self-determination would be stripped from a large swath Muslims who also identify as African Americans (around 23% according to a 2011 Pew poll) in Donald Trump’s America. Additionally, Trump has proposed an “extreme” loyalty test for Muslims entering the United States. How he would determine who has to adhere to his religious test rules is beyond me, but I can guess that it will not be fair and that it will be racist.

5. Black people would lose jobs and economic security under Trump’s economic plan.

Donald Trump’s economic plan relies on debunked trickle down economics statutes that give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations. But Trump would not even be able to pay for those tax cuts, as his plan cuts off international income opportunities through economic protectionism. Thus, his plan would saddle the US government with an estimated $10 trillion in new debt and result in 3.5 million lost jobs. This plan is laughable. 

Like I have stated in past posts, I would rather take my chances to agitate under a Clinton presidency, which will be flawed, but will not diminish my and my family’s personal safety and human rights to the extent that a Trump presidency would. I will take my lesser of the two evils and be on my merry way.

Thanks, but no thanks, Trump.


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