For six years, men in Florida have been banned from sagging their pants. Many hail the legislation, saying that it solves a prevalent issue of young men exposing their underwear. Others feel that it unfairly profiles young men of color.

Until recently, men were the only ones affected by the rule, but now Opa-locka commissioners have decided to extend the rule to women.

From Miami Herald:

The original ordinance was passed in 2007, sponsored by Commissioner Timothy Holmes, banning sagging pants in city parks and buildings. While it did not explicitly focus on men, the ordinance was mainly focused on guys the commission felt were copying hip-hop culture. In 2010 the ordinance was amended to include any public place in the city. Commissioner Dorothy Johnson sponsored the latest change, saying she was motivated by encounters with women in the city that she felt needed to improve their image.

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Johnson said she saw many young women walking around showing their underwear like many of the men the ban originally focused on. She said the women would receive looks and comments from men in the city.

Violators currently face a $500 fine, or 25 hours of community service. So far, 72 people have been ticketed for wearing saggy pants this year.

Thoughts on the ban? Should it have always targeted women? 

Are legislators crossing the line by telling people how to wear their clothes?

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