About a year ago, it was revealed that a teenager was masquerading as a doctor and actually sitting in on procedures in Florida. After being caught, Malachi Love-Robinson was charged with practicing medicine without a license, forgery and grand theft.

It looks like the now 19-year-old can’t break his bad habits after being caught attempting to illegally purchase a $35,000 Jaguar in Virginia, according to NBC News.

Love-Robinson was arrested on Sept. 9 in Stafford, Virginia when he reached out to a dealership and gave them a fake earnings statement. The dealership felt that he said some suspicious things over the phone and looked his name up on the Internet. They then flipped the script on Love-Robinson and told him that he had been approved and could come in to pick up his car.

Once he arrived with an older woman posing as his godmother, detectives were waiting for him. However, the woman asserted that  she had “no intention of doing so” when Love-Robinson claimed she was going to cosign for him. She was later surprised to find out that her credit card had been used just the day before to make $1,200 in purchases of two iPads and a cell phone she was unaware of.

Those same items were confiscated from Love-Robinson after he was arrested at the dealership on charges of false statements to obtain credit, obtaining money by false pretenses, and identity fraud.

Apparently, Love-Robinson wasn’t even supposed to leave the state of Florida after his earlier arrest from pretending to be a doctor. A judge revoked his $26,000 bond.