Earlier this week, we reported on how the government shutdown affects low-income women receiving federal benefits. Today, we bring news that will affect several low-income and unemployed citizens.

Republican-controlled states are making cuts to their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) despite the Department of Agriculture saying that it will continue to provide food stamps for recipients.

While the measure isn’t a result of the shutdown, or the $39 billion cut from the anti-hunger program, it affects thousands of residents.

From Colorlines:

Kansas this week led the way with its decision to end food stamps for adults without children. Since the passage of the 2009 Recovery Act, the federal government has funded states to waive the ’90s welfare reform-era work requirements for childless adults who receive SNAP benefits. The waivers are intended to provide relief to people in states with high unemployment. As of Tuesday, Kansas will push unemployed childless adults off the food assistance rolls if they fail to find a part-time job or enroll in a job training program. Kansas is joined by Oklahoma, which will make a similar shift later this month, and Wisconsin, which will limit the program starting next summer.  Two other states, Delaware and Utah, have already refused the waivers.

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The change is expected to affect 20,000 childless able-bodied adults in Kansas under the age of 50.

In Oklahoma, 47,000 people could be affected, and 70,000 residents in Wisconsin as a result of the move.

Opponents of the change say that cutting people off from benefits will not solve to jobless issue in the country.

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