A former leader of the Black Panther party has been released after serving 44 years behind bars.

Marshall “Eddie” Conway, 67, was freed Tuesday after challenging his conviction for a shooting that killed Officer Donald Sager and injured another in 1970. 

From Baltimore Sun:

Conway’s case was one of dozens affected by a ruling in which Maryland’s high court said verdicts before 1980 were invalid because of faulty jury instructions. […]

Conway and his supporters have argued that he is innocent, and that his conviction was the result of a setup because of his political activities. Though the conviction will stand, he was released on time served under an arrangement with prosecutors that saw him drop his request for retrial.

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The Black Panther Party, a black revolutionary socialist organization, was active from 1966 to 1982. The party achieved international notoriety for its contributions to the Black Power movement.

Conway says he will dedicate the next stage in his life to community service.

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