Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager’s time in court for killing Walter Scott is far from over. According to CBS News, a court ordered for him to be retried on March 1. 

Earlier this month, Slager’s high profile case for shooting Walter Scott as he ran away was ruled a mistrial after a jury comprised of 11 white members failed to convict him after more than 24 hours of deliberation and testimonies from 55 witnesses.

Slager pulled Scott over for a broken taillight on April 4, 2015. Scott then reportedly fled the vehicle to avoid being arrested for unpaid child support. Cell phone video footage then showed Slager shooting Scott in the back multiple times dropping dropping his taser next to his dead body.

The former police officer testified that he felt his life was still in danger despite Scott running in the opposite direction more than 18 feet away. He supposedly felt that Scott could’ve turned around and charged him.

Slager is also due in federal court on May 1 and has been charged with violating Scott’s rights under the color of law, lying to investigators and using a firearm in a violent crime.

The state of South Carolina doesn’t assign degrees to murder charges, and Slager could face up to 30 years to life in prison if convicted.