A man who spent four years behind bars has started a million dollar company in hopes of helping inmates.

Fredrick Hutson started Pigeonly soon after he was released from prison for his involvement in marijuana trafficking. 

From Financial Juneteenth:

Pigeonly is an organization that was established to help inmates connect with their loved ones. In a world where everyone is too busy to care for or even remember those behind bars, the organization makes sure that those serving time have the opportunity to have a sense of attachment with their loved ones outside.

It was while [Hutson] himself was in the system that he saw many inmates that no one seemed to care about. “We have people that haven’t seen their kids in years, haven’t seen their mothers in years,” Hutson said.

But now with the help of Pigeonly, the inmates are able to receive photos and even make phone calls.

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To establish to organization, Hutson collaborated with long-time friend Alfonzo Brooks. Pigeonly officially launched in 2012.

It now employs 10 people and has secured $1 million in investments along with thousands of clients.


What a wonderful way to give back to a community in need. Much success to you Mr. Hutson.

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