Sandra Bland’s death in police custody was one of the brightest sparks that lit the Black Lives Matter movement and the #SayHerName campaign. While police officials maintain their stance that her death was a suicide, new information appears to reveal some holes in their story.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a former Waller County Jail guard testified that he falsified reports that stated he checked on Bland within an hour she was found dead and claimed that he actually hadn’t. However, a Waller County attorney claims that this isn’t enough to leave doubts in the case.

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“Numerous depositions have been taken in the case involving dozens of hours of testimony,” lawyer Larry Simmons said in a written statement. “It is a gross miscarriage of justice and a misrepresentation for any party to cherry-pick or mischaracterize a small portion of that testimony, and take it out of context.”

A source close to the case claims that prosecutors were already informed of the falsified records, but the the Waller County grand jury chose to not indict anyone connected to the sheriff’s department.

Now that this information has been made public, there is a chance that it could lead to new discoveries in the case.


Photo: Sandra Bland Facebook