Tamara James’ basketball career took her from Florida all the way to the WNBA and then Israel. But she’s made the first step in transitioning into another career by being elected mayor of Dania Beach, the oldest community in Broward County, according to the Miami Herald.

James, 32, was a star at local South Broward High School an an All-American before moving on to the University of Miami and then being drafted by the Seattle Mystics in 2006. She’s now one of many athletes who understand that their success doesn’t end just because they’re no longer playing on a professional level.

“The sacrifice we all took to make this campaign successful was unmatched,” James said on her Facebook. “I met more than 75% of our residents. My support team has pushed me, motivated me, kept me, and taught me things about myself I didn’t know. I truly appreciate you all. Dania Beach has always shown me love.”

The former basketball standout is already serving as an inspiration for players who are following in her footsteps to great basketball careers.

“I am so proud of a Miami Hurricane who said, `You know what? I’m going to get involved; I’m not just going to vote. I’m going to act, get my name out there and be the mayor of Dania Beach, and she did it,” Meier said University of Miami Coach Katie Meier. “She’s our leading scorer and she’s a mayor. This is what we’re trying to do at Miami. It’s an inspirational message on a day when some of us needed some.”

Photo Credit: Tamara James Facebook