Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald has seen the same video we all have of a police officer’s interaction with Jacqueline Craig after she called authorities because her neighbor allegedly choked her seven-year-old son for littering. He also watched the situation escalate on film as the officer forcibly arrested Craig and her two teenaged daughters after implying that the incident was her fault. 

However, Fitzgerald, who is black, didn’t see racism. Instead, he saw a rude cop.

He “noticed the officer was rude … But there’s a difference between rude and racist,” he said, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Fortunately, a collection of 43 pastors in the Fort Worth area saw the same thing many of us did and called the entire incident “obviously racist.”

“Rude is cutting in line at the amusement park,” said the Rev. Michael Bell of Greater St. Stephen First Church. “Rude is driving slow in the passing lane. The conduct of this Fort Worth police officer was obviously racist.”

The pastors made sure that their stance wasn’t viewed as a disapproval of the entire police department, but that specific officer. They also demand he be immediately suspended because the still unidentified officer is currently on paid restricted duty.

“He has lost his credibility in our community,” said Rev. B.R. Daniels Jr. “He has lost the privilege to serve the good people, all of the people, of Fort Worth, Texas.”

Photo Credit: NBC Dallas-Fort Worth