In this newest video from Franchesca Ramsey and her Decoded series with MTV,  she debunks four of the most popular (very distracting and often false) myths about the Movement for Black Lives.

Working at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality almost always means dealing with detractors hellbent on proving that your social issue is unimportant, off base and otherwise useless. The Movement for Black Lives is a perfect example of how people who do not support the work will come up with literally any reason to discredit it.

In the video, Ramsey explains the mathematical problems behind the term “Black on Black crime” and even why it is inaccurate to assume that people who care about Black lives don’t care about anyone else’s lives. It is clear the video should be really helpful for people who are outside the Movement or don’t understand it at all. While this is a great effort, it also seems a bit tragic that people could be organizing for this effort for so long and people still be so clueless as to what all this work is about.

In the end, it is great to see Ramsey putting together projects like these to educate others. Hopefully, it will help push the Movement forward.

Watch the full video below:

Photo: YouTube screenshot