In honor of Black History Month, 21st Century Fox will be screening Hidden Figures for free in 14 major cities across the United States on Feb. 18, according to Deadline.

“As we celebrate Black History Month and look ahead to Women’s History Month in March, this story of empowerment and perseverance is more relevant than ever. We at 21CF were inspired by the grassroots movement to bring this film to audiences that wouldn’t otherwise be able to see it – audiences that might include future innovators and barrier-breakers – and we wanted to support and extend that movement,” said Liba Rubenstein, 21st Century Fox’s SVP of Social Impact.

The screenings will take place at 10 a.m. at AMC locations in cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., St. Louis and more.

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“The storytelling and message that Hidden Figures carries is endearing and inspiring, and based on the remarkable community support this movie has received, we have witnessed first-hand the powerful impact it is having on audiences,” said Elizabeth Frank, EVP and Chief Content & Programming Officer, AMC. “We’re honored to partner with Fox to help further the reach of this message to moviegoers across the country.”

The film, which tells the story of the previously uncelebrated Black women who worked for NASA’s space program, has made $144.8 million in the global box office to date and has received critical acclaim.

This move by Fox isn’t the first charity screening for the inspiring picture, as members of the cast have paid for free screenings on their own as well.