As the unveiling of his presidential library approaches, former President George W. Bush is doubling down on his legacy.

In an interview with USA Today, Bush asserted that he has no reason to apologize for or defend any of his actions (or inaction) during his controversial presidency.

Friends and relatives say Bush is “totally at peace” with his time in office.

From the Huffington Post:

“I did what I did and ultimately history will judge.”

Speaking with the Dallas Morning News recently, Bush addressed his leadership on the Iraq War — one of the most highly criticized chapters of his presidency — saying that he was “comfortable” and “confident the decisions were made the right way.”

USA Today also caught up with close friends and family of the former president, who said that Bush “feels totally at peace” with his record. Former Bush strategist Karl Rove said that he “has an inner confidence … that what he did was right.”

And while Bush and some of his closest allies suggest that there is nothing about his legacy that needs defending, other sources close to the former president have suggested that the $500 million presidential library is an attempt to patch up his scarred reputation.




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