Trouble seems to follow George Zimmerman now that he’s walking around as a free man after killing Trayvon Martin in cold blood in 2012.

Zimmerman’s latest run-in with trouble – and police – came at a Florida bar where a female associate he was with got into a confrontation. While a Seminole County deputy went to review footage of the first incident, it was then called to his attention that Zimmerman was outside getting into an altercation of his own with a waitress. 

According to CBS News, Zimmerman snatched a credit card away from the waitress who was only trying to get them to pay their bill. The manager of the establishment told the officer that this was one of several incidents Zimmerman had been a part of and he wanted him to be escorted off of the property.

That’s when Zimmerman reportedly told the manager, “I didn’t know you were a (racial expletive) lover,” according to deputies.

Instead of letting the situation end there, Zimmerman demanded the deputy look into a battery claim he made earlier that night then walked away after demanding his business card. The former self-proclaimed night watchmen then called the police under the name of “John Doe” and demanded to speak to a supervisor.

To make a long story short, a patron at the bar tried to shake Zimmerman’s hand and tapped him on the shoulder. But Zimmerman viewed it as the man hitting him and wanted to file charges. Before leaving, he told the deputy that he’d remember him and planned to sue the Seminole County Sheriff’s office.

Again, it doesn’t look like Zimmerman could stay out of trouble if he tried and he certainly hasn’t tried yet as far as many can tell.


Photo via Twitter