The George Zimmerman defense team has issued an apology for “misharacterizing evidence” meant to paint Trayvon Martin as the aggressor during his fatal confrontation with George Zimmerman.

The defense hoped to present video footage of three fights, one purportedly showing Trayvon Martin’s friends beating up a homeless man.

The lawyers now say the footage was unintentionally misrepresented; it actually shows two homeless men fighting over a bike.

From NBC:

A Florida judged ruled Tuesday that Zimmerman’s lawyers cannot mention Martin’s suspension from school, prior marijuana use, text message exchanges or past fighting in opening statements when the trial begins on June 10.

Zimmerman faces a second-degree murder charge for shooting Martin to death after a confrontation on Feb. 26, 2012. The defense has argued that 17-year-old Martin was the aggressor and Zimmerman was just trying to protect himself.


Was the misrepresentation of this footage really unintentional?

Thoughts on the Zimmerman team’s latest legal shenanigans?

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