Georgia mother Anna Lamb-Creasey was notified of her son’s death via facebook.

For some strange reason, the police chose to inform her with a Facebook message sent to an inbox called “Other,” which receives messages from people who are not Facebook friends. As a result, it would be days before she even noticed it

The account used to contact her wasn’t even the police department’s official facebook account; it’s profile pic was of rapper T.I., leading Lamb-Creasey to assume the message was fake.

It took 20 days for her to find out that her son was dead.

From NewsOne:

Meanwhile, Lamb-Creasey had been looking for her son, Rickie Lamb, who had been missing since Jan. 25. She even posted messages on his Facebook page in hopes he would reply. “Rickie where are you? Love mom,” she read. Unfortunately, Rickie was kill after being hit by a driver crossing a road on Jan. 24 around 11 p.m. The driver wasn’t charged.

“They told me that they did the best that they can do. But I’m not sure about that. Cause if they can track a criminal down, they couldn’t track me down? They could have done better,” she said, in tears. “I’ve been on my job 13 years. They could have found me.””

The police department claims it tried the best they could to contact Anna Lamb-Creasey, but could not locate her.

However, its still unclear why a random Facebook profile was used to notify her of her son’s death.



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