The very nature of racism has existed in every sphere and realm for quite sometime; in music, film, TV, financial services, and media as a workplace, we are often avoiding the true nature of sharing our experiences as Black individuals. But, in my 21 years of living, I’ve never witnessed a more bold, appreciative, and unapologetic Black History Month. Everyone is making moves, even the Queen Bey herself.

For those who aren’t aware, Beyoncé is Black, has been Black, and will always be Black. You can’t take the ‘country’ out of her. Her latest song ‘Formation‘ explores her Black identity in a way that seems trite. (see: ‘I got hot sauce in my bag, swag’.) However, her video offered a different perspective, highlighting the tales and the plight of Black America with visuals that include words on a wall saying ‘Stop shooting us’ and a Black boy dancing in front of police as they put their hands up. To shorten this up, this video shows us this secret #woke Beyonce, and it’s refreshing.

So, why are people mad?

Did we forget Beyoncé was black because she’s allowed her music to transcend race, class, gender, and time? (Yes, “Freakum Dress” is still on my #TeamTurnUp pre-game playlist.)

Is it that you expected more from a businesswoman than to show her race in such a bold way? I’m still trying to figure out why some people are pressed right now. Her business is her and she is her business; her workplace is both the stage and her environment because as a creative, it is important to take in all that matters, all that society offers. Isn’t that so small-minded to think that a Black woman isn’t allowed to show off two facets of her identity that have carried her through all of her successes, failures, relationships, Grammys? (and the list goes on.)

So, again, why are you mad?

Is it because “Formation” broke the Internet with trivial lines about Black hair and Black facial features. Get over it. Your favorite singer isn’t trying to be that deep and she’s here to have fun. More importantly, your #MCM thought the song was really prolific, so evaporate with this conversation.

The fact that we’re having this conversation proves that she really is “that chick when she cause all this conversation.”

And Bey isn’t even the only entertainer or franchise stepping out of the box this Black History Month. As an example, BET has partnered with the American Black Film Festival to produce and televise the 2016 ABFF Awards. One thing that African-Americans share is our heritage which has been both challenged and misrepresented in the worst ways. Now something is changing.

So, go ahead. Stay mad. Cause her best revenge is her paper.


(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)