Art Laffer, an economist and former member of the Reagan administration, was unequivocal in his thoughts about minimum wage. During an interview on Fox News, Laffer called for Congress to repeal minimum wage, because it’s basically the Black Teenage Unemployment Act.” 





From The Raw Story:

“The minimum wage makes no sense whatsoever to me,” former Reagan economist Art Laffer told Fox News host Jenna Lee. “Honestly it’s just the teenage — Black Teenage Unemployment Act. And this is the very group that we need to have jobs, not be put out of work because of a minimum wage. So, I’m very much in favor of, at least for teenagers, getting rid of the minimum wage.”

 American Enterprise Institute Resident Scholar Michael Strain added that that the minimum wage should also be lowered to $4 an hour for the long-term unemployed because companies did not want to take a “$7.25 an hour risk on that worker.”

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So basically, Art Laffer doesn’t think teenagers, black ones especially, should make a livable wage.

Thoughts on Laffer referring to minimum wage as the “Black Teenage Unemployment Act? Racist or not racist?

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