A young African-American man in Jonesboro, AR died of a gunshot wound to the head while handcuffed in the back of a patrol car.

Chavis Carter was arrested for alleged drug possession and for missing a court date on previous drug charges.

Sergeant Lyle Waterworth of the Jonesboro police department claims that despite having been searched and handcuffed before being placed inside of the squad car, Carter somehow managed to shoot himself in the head.

Carter’s grieving mother rejects the official police story.

From Addicting Info:

“Carter’s mother, Teresa, isn’t buying the story. First, she claimed that her son was searched twice. She said that he was left-handed, but was shot in the right temple. She also said that he had called his girlfriend after he got pulled over and told her he’d call her from jail. She believes her son was killed.

The incident is under investigation. The officer is on leave.”

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Yet another black youth slain under incredibly shady circumstances!

Are you buying Sergeant Waterworth’s account of Chavis Carter’s death?

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