So this was bound to happen.

In fact, BYP blogger Summer warned you this was going to happen.

A photo of University of Florida frat boys attending a Halloween party in blackface has sparked controversy and intense debate online.

Unsurprisingly, opinions varied on the appropriateness of white people wearing blackface.

Because in 2012, this is somehow still up for debate.

From the Huffington Post:

The Independent Florida Alligator reports the photo was posted on the NAACP-UF chapter’s Facebook page with the caption “the fact that this is seen as acceptable is where the problem lies.”

An intense debate followed, with more than 130 comments on the Facebook post. Opinions varied about whether the costumes were acceptable and whehter the UF-NAACP should even keep the image up. People also shared other photos found on the Internet of UF students dressed in blackface at previous events.

Stevenson Chery, a senior at UF and former president of the school’s Haitian student organization, told the Sentinel, “We are outraged about it. Students should know that this is wrong.”

Beta Theta Pi president Ethan McMahon said the theme of the party where the blackface photo was taken was “rock stars and rappers.” He acknowledged that two attendees wore blackface and said he was disappointed.


Why is it so hard for people to understand that blackface is offensive?

Will white America ever get the message?

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