St. Paul, Minnesota teenager Caleb Smith had to have his legs and arms amputated after a bout with a rare meningitis blood disorder at the age of three.

But he hasn’t let that stop him from pursuing his passion, amateur wrestling.

And at a mere 120 pounds, Caleb is good; he’s quick, strong, and (most importantly) in possession of a tirelessly positive attitude. He recently won his first match.

From NewsOne:

“He’s got the kind of strength people don’t normally see at 120,” coach Otto Kraus told CBS Minnesota. “Plus, the way he can move makes it hard to wrestle him.”

Despite all that he has been through in his life thus far, Smith’s attitude about his amputations is one that should be bottled and distributed.  Smith, who is determined to be captain of his wrestling team next year, said, “If you see yourself as not being able to do something, at least you should try and do it,” Smith said. “If you never do it at all, you will never know if you can do it or not.”

In other words, anything is possible and there’s nothing we cannot overcome if we love and believe in ourselves.

Good luck, Caleb!



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