Seven months ago you couldn’t tell me that Odd Future would achieve mainstream representation; I guessed that they were a group of outlaws that would manage their own channels. And here my predictions have been assassinated: while Earl is under a boarding school in Samoa, Tyler has won MTV’s Best New Artist and Frank Ocean is chillin’ on Kanye’s throne. Not even thinking about the success of Goblin and the cult of young adults that follow behind him, the pack’s front man Tyler the Creator has been blown by the whole situation. If Tyler is serious about the stuff he’s been saying lately this could be an artist that leaves the indie game quickly, but with a legendary grace.

Seven days ago Tyler confessed on Twitter that, “i dont have the passion to rap anymore. this sucks alot. its not even fun. i think i just wanna make beats and shit.” Immediately, the tweet threw me off because his talent is something that can’t be denied; I mean who else can bring classic literature into Hip Hop in a way that fits into a comically heuristic persona (like on the track “Transylvania”)? Then I peeped what Andy Milonakis said in response, “Don’t be such a pussy. Keep rapping until Earl gets back and then pass the baton”. It made me think about all the rappers that represent our era that don’t love rapping first. All of Odd Future’s emcees started with dedication to making art for themselves.


Hear Tyler on “Goblin”: “since Kanye tweeted tellin people he’s bumpin all of my shit/the muthafuckas think I’m posed to live up something—shiit/”. Many of yall know that Odd Future made Odd Future, not some hungry A&R’s. But us as the audience can be self-centered at times and think that we are entitled to be entertained. When the self fulfillment of the artist gets sucked up by the consumers it’s gonna bring the day when the true emcee has to check out. I agree with Andy, I hope Tyler can hold down his genius long enough for Earl’s return, because this odd future are the days we’ve been waiting for.