If you can get a dinner for two delivered to your house once a week there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to open your door and find a box filled with the spirit of  women of color such as Angela Davis, Frida Kahlo and Assata Shakur.

To fill that need, two Brooklynites, Brittany Brathwaite and Mickey Ferrera, created The Homegirl Box, which will be released quarterly and deliver four to five items of clothing, wellness and a convenient lesson on the legacy of the woman that specific box is inspired by. 

“The love that homegirls show for each other and realness of how they show up is what we wanted to invoke with the naming of this box,” the co-founders told The Huffington Post. 

“It’s a proclamation to homegirls – women who never called what they were doing (i.e sending flowers to someone’s job or making sure someone is fed, checking in and sending affirmation of worth) sisterhood but it is ― and it’s radical and transformative.”

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The pair’s first box was inspired by Frida Kahlo and sold out in 24 hours during their soft launch in December.

“We started with Frida because we thought it was important to re-write and re-shape how she was being portrayed. The unibrow-less Frida who wears Daft Punk shirts and flower crowns isn’t the Frida that we know – [she is] a radical and political activist who transformed her illness and physical disability into art that begged to be seen and felt,” they said.

“Frida painted herself because she didn’t see herself reflected, she made space for herself in a male-dominated industry [and] she loved hard.”

According to The Homegirl Box’s website, looks to partner with women-owned businesses to curate the items for the boxes then deliver them to the homes of their subscribers.

“We believe that all women need to be told how much they matter in a world that constantly devalues them,” read the website’s Femifesto.

The Homegirl Box will officially launch in March 2017 and the next order will be dedicated to Assata Shakur. Be sure to subscribe now before they sell out.


Photo Credit: The Homegirl Box