leo grand

Leo Grand’s life changed after a 23-year-old programmer who used to walk past the homeless man offered him a deal: Patrick McConlogue offered to either give Grand $100, or teach him how to code.


Grand chose the latter, and after three months he has released his first mobile application.

From Gothamist:

Among similar products, Trees for Cars uniquely provides information on how much CO2 the user is saving with each ride which further encourages environmental awareness and creates a healthy competition amongst users to save the most CO2. Grand has already started work on Trees for Cars 2 with additional features and functionality but believes Trees for Cars is the ideal foundation for his future endeavors to take cars off the road.

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Grand says the app can also be used as a tool for community building by allowing people to connect with other riders and drivers as Trees for Cars users.“It’s a great way to build relationships, strengthen communities, help each-other financially and energy wise, all under the umbrella of saving the environment” said Grand.


Sounds like this is only the beginning of a string of inventions for Grand.

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