If you were asked to list places where you’d expect to find Donald Trump supporters, how long would it take to get to Howard University?

After 10 years of silence, HU’s College Republican organization has come out of the shadows to support one of the least popular presidents in U.S. history. But they didn’t do it alone. They got help from the Republican Party itself, according to PBS Newshour.

This past November, the organization was awarded $2,000 from Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Preibus.

Leah Le’Vell, a member of the RNC’s African American Strategic Initiatives Team, presented the check to the organization.

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Despite polling numbers that clearly indicate otherwise, Le’Vell is under the belief that there are many closeted Black Republicans who fear revealing their political alignments due to public backlash.

“Social media’s super popular these days and there’s so much persecution,” Le’Vell said. “And so people often don’t say who they publicly align with.”

Le’Vell also went on to endorse Trump as the president the Black community needs to prosper.

As if the “law and order” narrative has ever helped us in any way. A if his campaign rallies didn’t resemble arena-sized Klan rallies. Or as if he didn’t appoint Ben Carson, who has no experience whatsoever, as the HUD secretary simply because he was the only Black person in arm’s reach at the time.

Meanwhile, watch the video package below exploring the “stigma of being young, black and Republican.”