We live in a world where people misunderstand the meaning behind the phrase “Black Lives Matter” and often take it as a personal attack. Their immediate response is often “All Lives Matter,” which is meant to take the focus off of the black lives being lost on a regular basis.

Well, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook understands that Black Lives Matter and is taking a stand to make that clear throughout his own company.

In a lot of corporate offices today – especially the trendier ones – you’ll find shared workspaces where cubicles once existed and chalkboards covering walls to encourage expression, creativity and free speech. Facebook is no different.

While only 2 percent of Facebook’s staff is black,  the phrase “Black Lives Matter” has been written on walls on multiple occasions in support of the social justice movement that’s been igniting activism and protests across the country. However, the words were crossed out and replaced with “All Lives Matter,” according to USA Today.

This has clearly happened multiple times, but the latest instance lead Zuckerberg to sending a message across the company condemning the act for being disrespectful and urging his employees to educate themselves.

Read the message in full below, via Gizmodo:

Zuckerberg Message

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons/Gizmodo