Following Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem, debate has grown about the ways people of color should protest. Yes, many white people have completely missed the point that Kaepernick and so many others are making when they stand up against police violence against Black people: that people of color should have freedom to exist in whatever way they please.

Instead, many white people focus on how uncomfortable they feel that people of color would do or say anything at all in opposition to systems of oppression. In response, Seriously.TV has made a new video showing just how problematic it is to tell people of color how they should protest.

While this video is satirical, the content makes it hard to laugh at. In the end, Dylan (at Seriously.TV) figures out that peaceful protests are never well received. Neither are more passive protests like Beyoncé’s demonstration at this year’s Superbowl game. In the end, it seems the only kind of protest that many white people like is the kind of protest that happens in the past. Figures.

Watch the video below:


Photo:  Youtube screenshot