Super Bowl contender Richard Sherman is just a few days away from playing in the biggest game of his career.

Despite all of the attention Sherman has received, he found time to contribute to Monday Morning Quarterback, where his writing appears regularly. In his latest article, “10 Things I Learned about America after They Learned About Me,” Sherman reflects on the fallout from his interview and how, ultimately, the NFL benefits.


From MMQB:

5. It’s not all black and white. Race played a major part in how my behavior was received, but I think it went beyond that. Would the reaction have been the same if I was clean-cut, without the dreadlocks? Maybe if I looked more acceptable in conservative circles, my rant would have been understood as passion. These prejudices still play a factor in our views because it’s human nature to quickly stereotype and label someone. We all have that.

6. The NFL always wins. Every time a game ends on a controversial call or somebody loses it on camera, it’s free advertising for the NFL. It’s not just my name being talked about on all the shows; it’s the NFL’s logo on all the shows. That means more eyes on the Super Bowl, more clicks for their websites, and potentially more sales of my jersey, for which I don’t see a kickback. Even when they’re taking money out of my pockets with fines, the league is constantly winning.

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Sherman, who made headlines after his impassioned post-game interview two weeks ago, was one of the main draws during yesterday’s media day at the Super Bowl.

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