Manonmaniam Sundaranar University in India is making a grand gesture to help make the world a more inclusive place with its latest announcement. PinkNews reports that the school is offering free tuition to transgender students from the undergraduate to doctorate level. 

“After getting neglected by the society and even by their parents, [transgender people] are forced to beg on the streets,” said MSU vice-chancellor Dr Krishnan Baskar.

“If we can create a favourable condition for acquiring better educational qualifications, it will enable them to occupy enviable positions in government or private institutions, and hence, the MSU has taken an initiative in this direction,” he continued.

The resolution was apparently passed with overwhelming support and will go into effect his school-year. The decision was meant to improve the lives of transgender students both during their time at MSU and after.

“A [transgender student] from Salem has become the first Sub-Inspector of Police in Tamil Nadu to prove that providing right opportunity is important for them to come up in life,” the vice-chancellor said.

MSU, which can be found in Tamil Nadu, was founded in 1990 and has more than 65,000 students across all of its affiliated colleges.

With the discrimination that trans folx often encounter, it’s inspiring to see an institution welcome them with open arms while the United States is still debating about which bathrooms they should use.