The United States may be supporting Israel, but the Israeli Army’s social media director still finds time to denigrate the President by employing a little blackface.

Sacha Dratwa posted a picture of his face covered in sand with the oh-so-original tagline “Obama style” to describe the photo.

[A] photo began circulating of the social media guru with sand smeared on his face with the caption, “Obama style.” The photo was actually uploaded on September 29th, but the photo only began circulating after Gawker ran a story on Dratwa, increasing his international profile.

Dratwa’s behavior may come as a shock to some, but it shouldn’t. There have been indications in the past that a number of Israelis harbor racist views toward black and brown people.

In June of this year, Israel began a massive deportation of African migrants who said they were treated “like animals” during the process.

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Last week we posted news that most Americans support Israel and its attacks on Palestine. Does this change your opinion?


If the social media director can disrespect the President so cavalierly and not come under fire, what message is Israel sending?

Should Dratwa be fired?

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