Indiana University has completed an investigation into a bulletin board that asked students and faculty members at the school, “Could Santa Claus be a black man?”

Officials ordered the removal of the board, that also featured an image of a black Santa Claus after protests from some of the institution’s members.

From WISH 8:

The bulletin board was designed by members of IU’s Community Education Program (CEP). “(The CEP tries) to get  students to address and talk about difficult issues. Racial issues, issues of sexual identity, things like that,” said university spokesperson Mark Land.

In addition to asking if Santa could be a black man, the bulletin board asked if a black Santa would only go to the ghetto, and whether people would let a black Santa down their chimney.

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Students who saw the board immediately started sharing pictures of it on social media. The widespread news of its existence prompted school officials to conduct an internal investigation.

Thoughts on the bulletin board?

How can students/people/community members go about having frank and open conversations about race?

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