Say what you will about the pastors of megachurches – and there’s so much so say, isn’t there? – but Joel Osteen has mastered the art form. The celebrity preacher has been on television for years and amassed a local congregation in the thousands and millions of dollars for himself and his family.

So what did he do when those same people could use his help? Shut them out. 

Osteen’s Lakewood Church is found in a building that used to belong to the Houston Rockets and fit all of their fans inside for a game. Today, it still has a capacity of just under 17,000.

This sounds like it would be a great resource to utilize as thousands of Houstonians are displaced and homeless after the flooding of Hurricane Harvey. Right? Well, Osteen chose to close the church over the weekend because of flooding in the surrounding area. At least he sent a tweet, though!

That would’ve been a somewhat justified claim to make if someone hadn’t taken pictures of the church’s dry parking lot and shared them on Twitter.

After the public found out that Osteen was keeping the public out of his church for no legitimate reason, they began to wonder what his motivations could’ve possibly been outside of greed and selfishness. Twitter and other social media feeds were soon full to the brim of criticism for the pastor pressuring him to do something.

As a result, Lakewood Church opened its doors on Monday night and was full of air mattresses and other accommodations to help those who need it most.

To which our Managing Editor, Jenn M. Jackson asked:

Logical question.