Joy Reid, who’s hosted her own hourly programs on MSNBC throughout the past two years, will now fill a time slot that once belonged to Melissa Harris-Perry.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, from 10 a.m. to noon EST, viewers will be able to tune in and watch Reid speak on national headlines and pull from a panel of journalists and personalities to provide commentary, according to Variety.

“MSNBC viewers crave not only the facts, but also in-depth discussion and analysis from a range of perspectives,” said MSNBC President Phil Griffin.  “There is no one better equipped than Joy to lead this new project, and create a place for the kind of unique discussion our audience has come to expect.”

Harris-Perry parted ways with MSNBC after they took her off of the air and attempted to take creative control over her show away from her. Reid was the host of “The Reid Report,” which was cancelled. Many felt that the station was getting rid of its black personalities in an expedient manner with no regard to what it would do to their audience.

While Harris-Perry’s departure was unfortunate, Reid filling the void could help improve the network’s appearance among viewers of color and diversify their content.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter