We were all reeling when scholar and TV news host Melissa Harris-Perry took a surprising  (and highly publicized) exit from MSNBC in spring. Since then, Joy Reid has taken on the weekend morning slot for her new show AM Joy. This past Saturday morning, she showed why she was deserving of her own show all along when she went toe-to-toe with Trump surrogate Carl Paladino.

To begin the conversation about what bothers and worries voters about Donald Trump, Reid played a clip from CIA Director Michael Hayden who called Trump “erratic, ” “inconsistent,” and “dangerous.” He noted that he “would be very very concerned”if Donald Trump became president. That was when Reid turned the conversation to Paladino.

“You are pretty much fighting an armada of intelligence experts,” Reid said to Paladino.

“In your mind, ” he replied defensively suggesting that Reid was imagining the concerns raised by Hayden and many other experts on the issues of national security.

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Reid responded quickly with, “No, not in my mind. Actually in my ears because we’re listening to them speak.”

“I think what’s happened to you is that you’ve been in a conditioned box, for a long time, of political correctness, political correctness” he continued. “And a certain way of doing things. When a guy comes on the scene who shows real leadership qualities, who can talk to the America people, and they can find faith in him and confidence in him that he’s gonna do the right thing, when that man comes on the scene, you guys just don’t know what to do.”

Reid chuckled to herself and nodded as he said these things.

“The progressives are gonna lose their influence and their power and their control of the American people’s minds, and you’re in a panic state right now, ” he said.

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The back and forth continued as Reid tried to excuse Paladino from the spotlight. But he continued.

“We know what side you’re on, ma’am,” Paladino retorted.

“Not on Vladamir Putin’s side, and I like that side,” Reid responded before shutting down the panel.

Reid’s quick-witted responses and blunt questions show how important it is to remain steadfast in one’s moral commitments even when being attacked by powerful elites who seek to undermine one’s work. Her power came through clearly in this clip. Let’s hope her show is around for a very long time.

Watch the clip below:

Photo: YouTube Screenshot