The mistreatment of black women in history is extremely frustrating, on a good day. But seeing the harm that they’re enduring today is heartbreaking beyond belief. The story of Joyce Quaweay’s death is no exception.

Quaweay, 24, was living in an apartment she shared with her boyfriend, Aaron Wright, 47, his best friend, Marquis Robinson, 41, and Robinson’s girlfriend in Philadelphia.

Wright, a former Temple police officer and Robinson, a recently fired Temple officer, reportedly stripped her naked, handcuffed her and beat her to the point of death and after. Wright’s four children, including two daughters he had with Quaqeay, were witnesses to the onslaught.

According to, this was all done in an attempt to make Quaweay more submissive.

“He felt like she would not submit to his authority and this was his way of punishing her to try to break her,”said Homicide Capt. James Clark.

The two men were charged with charged with murder, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint, conspiracy to commit murder, and abuse of a corpse because they continued to beat Quaweay after she was dead.

Robinson’s girlfriend walked in and called the authorities. When police arrived, Wright was found sitting on the steps leading to the apartment and told officers “I’m the one you want.” Robinson fled but returned by the time police arrived.

“My sister was very smart. My sister was a very strong woman who was always there for her kids,” Beatrice Mulbah said. “Joyce had more than a lot of people who loved her and I would like people to remember her as a strong, independent woman.”

Just knowing that this tragedy occurred carries a heavy load. But that doesn’t compare to the one that comes with the knowledge that it’s not alone and that black women everywhere are victims of similar abuse that could lead to similar results.

In very different circumstances, three black women have been killed this week to reveal different perspectives on the danger they often experience. Skye Mockabee was the fourth transgender woman killed in the same county in four years. Korryn Gaines had multiple officers enter her home to serve an arrest warrant for a misdemeanor, then fire first, igniting a firefight. And Quaweay was beaten to death by people she lived with and trusted.

Photo Credit: Facebook