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Last summer, rapper Juicy J announced that he would be giving away $50,000 in scholarship money. He initially tweeted, “I’m giving out a 50k scholarship to the best chick that can twerk.”

The tweet received an overwhelming amount of responses, and applications for the scholarship. After going through submissions, Juicy J has selected Zaire Holmes as the recipient of the award.

The rapper insist that no twerking was required to win. 

From The Urban Daily:

“50K is a lot of money and I don’t want to waste it on some chick twerkin’ her ass,” he says. “Next time I send a Tweet out about a scholarship take it serious and read the words!”

The winner is 19-year-old Zaire Holmes, a mother and student at the State College of Florida who did read the rules and submitted this video explaining why she deserved the money.

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Check out Juicy J presenting the award to Holmes below:

The requirements of the scholarship did not include the popular dance of twerking, but for applicants to simple read and follow the application’s instructions.

Kudos to Juicy J for helping to make a difference in this young girl’s life and education. Congratulations to Zaire Holmes!


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