The past few weeks have been filled with problematic language, accusations and morally questionable legal practices related to a civil suit where NBA star Derrick Rose and two other men were accused of rape. This past Wednesday, he was found not liable of all charges by a jury of two men and six women. 

Following the trial, a handful of cringeworthy moments occurred that even make this Southside Chicago native and lifelong Bulls fan lose a little faith in humanity.

According to TMZ Sports, at the end of the trial, the presiding judge told the New York Knicks recently obtained point guard, “Best wishes … except when the Knicks play the Lakers.”

Sorry, but that’s far too jovial of a goodbye for a man who was just involved in a very ugly rape trial. Especially in a public courtroom.  Then, to make matters even worse,  jurors in the trial posed for a picture with Rose immediately after the trial.

And then, to finally bring this whirlwind of a trial to a close, Rose’s lawyer decided to dive headfirst into painting him at the victim by claiming three black men were being treated unfairly by the system.

“The media reporting was biased against the black men,” Mark Baute said after the trial. “Blatantly obvious.”

“We’re just very relieved that the system worked. We had a jury of 7 white people and 1 Hispanic who exonerated 3 black men. It was fantastic.”

Let’s just put this entire saga in rice for a while. Cool? Cool.

Photo Credit: Twitter