Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, suffered “a serious facial injury” in the altercation before firing his gun.

The information comes from a source close to the officer. 

From ABC News:

The characterization about Officer Darren Wilson being injured in his confrontation with Michael Brown emerged on the day that a grand jury was expected to begin hearing evidence in the shooting. Attorney General Eric Holder also visited Ferguson [Wednesday], meeting with Brown’s family and telling them the federal investigation would be a “fair and independent inquiry.”

Before meeting with Holder, Brown’s mother viewed her son’s body at a local morgue for the first time since the shooting.

Brown, 18, was shot and killed by Wilson on Aug.9, and protesters have been angrily calling for Wilson’s arrest and indictment since that day.

A source close to Wilson told ABC News that during the struggle at the patrol car, Wilson suffered “a serious facial injury.”

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The source did not describe the injury, but last week Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said that Wilson’s face was swollen. Hospital photos of Wilson’s injury is expected to be shown to the grand jury.

Wilson’s supporters point to a videotape taken by a Ferguson resident showing Brown’s body lying in the street. Audio from the video reveals a man’s voice saying, “Police got out and ran after him. The next thing I know he’s coming back towards the officer. The police had his gun drawn on him.”

That would conflict with witnesses who said Brown was standing still with his hands raised when Wilson shot him.

Officials say an indictment will not be swift. They are projecting mid October if it happens.

Does this new evidence change your perception of the incident?

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