The VMAS are shaping up to be quite an interesting show this year, people.

Don’t think so? Well, of course not. The VMAs basically suck. It’s one of those awards shows that aren’t serious about who actually receives awards (kinda like the Kids Choice Awards…or the BET Awards), which turns the whole thing into one, big joke. Almost every year, there’s some scandal erupting around the show, whether its Britney Spears committing career suicide in front of the entire world (remember when that happened?), or Kid Rock knocking Tommy Lee’s block off for stealing his seat next to Diddy (yeah, that happened too…in the same night). Last year, the VMAs were best known for a particular moment in which one of our favorite artists/hot heads, didn’t get the joke, rushed the stage during a 19 year-old white girl’s acceptance speech, and set off a scandal to end all scandals.

Kanye’s career was on life support after the Taylor Swift incident; plans to tour with Lady Gaga were scrapped, President Obama called him a jackass, and West basically went into hiding for about 8 months.

But dude is back now (and better than ever, if you ask me), which brings us to the only interesting thing I’ve heard about the upcoming VMAs; a performance from none other than Kanye West.

What he has planned is anyone’s guess, but judging from his visually stunning, “mountaintop” performance at the less-than-stellar BET Awards earlier this year, I think we’re in for something special. What people have to understand is that Kanye West is (almost) legitimately crazy, resulting in ill-conceived, rash decisions like crashing Swift’s victory party, and incredible, risky strokes of genius, like almost everything he’s ever done in his career. This is going to be awesome. And if you think there won’t be an endless stream of spoofs and comments regarding last year’s fiasco (and the now iconic phrase “Imma let you finish in a minute, but…), you’re out of your goddamn mind. I can’t wait.

Drake and Florence + The Machine are the only other performers announced thus far, but I’d say it’s pretty much a sure thing to assume that Lady Gaga, Eminem, Katy Perry and Rihanna are sure to be added to the list. Lady Gaga is nominated for about 10,000 awards, so look for her to pick up every single one of them. And keep your eyes peeled for another scandal in the making, since they just happen to happen every single year at the VMAs.

Sounds fishy, if you ask me.