Rapper Kanye West will not face criminal charges in relation to a Jan. 13 incident where he punched a man in a Beverly Hills chiropractor’s office.

The decision comes days after West settled with the unknown defendant for a sum of $250,000. 

From Associated Press:

 The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office rejected a battery case against the rapper because he had reached a civil settlement with the man and there were no significant injuries documented after the altercation.

The altercation occurred after the 18-year-old man used a racial slur in an argument with West’s fiancee, Kim Kardashian, on Jan. 13, according to a document prepared by a prosecutor. The man had held the door for Kardashian when she entered the building but they then exchanged words. The reality starlet called West and told him about the man’s use of the slur and the rapper came to the building and attacked the man in a chiropractor’s office, the document states.

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West was not arrested for the incident. According to the prosecutor’s charge evaluation sheet, conflicting witness accounts about how many times West punched the man were present. The victim was not seriously injured during the incident.

West still faces misdemeanor battery charges in relation to an altercation with a paparzzo at Los Angeles International Airport last year. West pleaded not guilty, and a hearing is scheduled for Feb. 25.

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