By landing a role in the Broadway version of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, and making history as the youngest Talk Show host in American history, it’s safe to say that Keke Palmer is a role model.

Now, the actress is partnering with Saving Our Daughters to help other girls feel good about themselves.

From MTV News:

Palmer is squeezing in some time to help Saving Our Daughters, an organization she has worked with since she was 12.

According to Palmer, she’s partnered with the organization in the past to attack “issues such as bullying and self-esteem,” so joining forces when she’s playing Cinderella makes perfect sense; after all, Cinderella faces bullying at the hands of her stepsisters. On November 4th, Palmer is meeting with girls from the Boys & Girls Club of New York for an event called “Saving Our Cinderellas.”

At the event, Palmer will host a talk session with the girls to focus on “overcoming self-esteem challenges,” such as the type of bullying Cinderella endures when she is picked on by her mean stepsisters. The session will also “emphasize strong self-esteem and aim to empower girls to save themselves and become influential ‘princesses.’”


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At the event, Palmer will host a session that will focus on “overcoming self-esteem challenges,” similar to the type of treatment faced by her character by her mean stepsisters.


Kudos to Ms. Palmer for actively taking a role in shaping the self esteem of young black girls.

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