Combining the stress of shopping during the holiday season with the newfound freedom of racism in the U.S. and you’ve got all you need for the latest accumulation of angry shoppers being caught on video in the middle of racist tirades.

The latest features a woman in Louisville, Kentucky verbally attacking two Hispanic women who were ahead of her in line, according to Raw Story.

A woman named Renee Buckner filmed the incident and posted it on Facebook while explaining what lead to the altercation in the caption.

“This Hispanic lady was purchasing items and the transaction was almost complete, then her friend brings up some shirts to be added to her purchase instead of getting in line. And this lady went off!!!” wrote Buckner.

When the video starts, the elderly woman is already yelling loud enough for the entire room to hear her saying, “It starts back there. And it don’t bother me if I say it and I don’t care if everybody hears me. I think everybody here probably feels the same damn way I do.”

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The woman’s remarks then took a turn for the worse.

“Just go back wherever the f*ck you came from, lady,” she said after she got some mumbled approval from other shoppers.

“Hey!” she then said to the cashier. “Tell ’em to go back where they belong. You know, they come here to live and they act like they’re everybody else. Get in the back of the line like everybody else does.”

“You’re a nobody,” she continued. “Just because you come from another country, it don’t make you nobody! Nobody, as far as I’m concerned. You’re probably on welfare, the taxpayers probably paid for all that stuff.”

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The woman even went as far as pulling the yelling tha the women should speak English just because they’re in the United States.

“Speak English, this is America!” she said when the two women spoke in Spanish. “If you don’t know it, learn it.”

Watch the full video below:

Photo Credit: Facebook