Pharell’s hit single “Happy” is spreading like a wildfire. The song earned the music producer his first Oscar nod, and now everyone is filled with joy.

In honor of National Happiness Day, yes that is a thing, we’d like to share one of the best renditions of “Happy” with you.

Students at Chicago’s Kenwood Academy put together their version of “Happy,” equipped with mascot and all. 

From Chicago Tribune:

Students approached assistant principal Karen Calloway with the idea of making the video after she played “Happy” over the school’s public address system earlier this month to honor Kenwood’s six Gates Millennium Scholarship finalists. When the teens explained they wanted to create a sunny video to combat the brutal winter and the bleak view of the city’s public schools, administrators agreed to play the song between class periods for several days so the teens could get enough footage.

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Watch the video:

Don’t worry, be happy.

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